Would you like to donate to my cause and that of MIND – the mental health charity? COOL BEANS! Read on to understand what you’re donations are paying for.

I have self-funded nearly £26 000 to take part, get kit and train properly…and insure my carcass against death and disablement (Don’t tell my mum!)

In short, I’ve wiped out my savings but I’m convinced it will be worth it! So now I am looking to raise another £20 000 which will be used as follows:

  • 50% of sponsorship will be allocated directly to MIND** – the mental health charity. They helped me to get the support I needed during my darkest times and I want to make sure others are able to benefit.
  • 50% of donations will be allocated to my expenses on the legs that I’m already taking part in.
    • Mortgage, bills and home insurance – making sure that I have somewhere to come back to!
    • Accommodation and sustenance in my destination ports during training and the race
    • Transport to and from the boats, visas, medical checks and vaccines.
    • Kit and clothing required
    • The awareness and fundraising campaign that I’m working on for MIND.

DonationsSo are you still OK to part with some of your hard-earned cash for me? Yes? *insert my grateful warm fuzzy feeling here* If we ever meet in person, I will hug your ass off. Smooches can be negotiated but are more expensive. Obviously.

If you are a potential sponsor with something bigger in mind, please check out the sponsorship page for a list of things I can and cannot offer (I didn’t make the rules, I just follows them!) and let’s talk!

Thank you for supporting me in my journey and MIND in the work they do for people with mental health problems!