This page is dedicated to the wonderful people and organisations that got behind me on my journey. Whether they have donated time, materials, prizes for the auctions or money or…whatever! These sponsors are all absolute heroes in my eyes. I hope you will think of them fondly and show your support by buying something from them!

sponsors hertsad   

ABSOS    Jackie Parry   

flagship wines sponsor     sponsors nadya



Last but not least…

Goodman Fox are a digital solution in human form. To call them an “agency” would be to not do them any kind of justice at all. They’re able to help people create digital strategies, understand their audience base and engage with them in an efficient and practical way. I’ve worked with them professionally and they deliver every time on time. They have also been incredibly kind and supportive of my Clipper journey in developing this website and helping me to tweak it to make it better and better. They’re amazeballs. Fact.


What about you?

Do you or your organisation want to get involved? If so, please have a look at my Presentations and Events pages to see what’s going on and then get in touch! Looking forward to talking to you about this!

Love and bubbles