We have so many ideas to raise money. So. Many. Ideas! Honestly, the problem is not having ideas but to prioritise them and to get them organised. I have to be honest that I’ve been struggling to do this on my own. Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of friends who are working with me to make this a reality. The only thing that we know is an absolute definite is that these events are to be held in support of my Clipper Adventure and MIND – the mental health charity.

This is where we’re focussing our efforts.

  • Presentations to interested audiences – team work and communication, mental health at work/home, my own experience of surviving depression, managing yourself and others in high-pressure situations. I can come at this from all angles. I’m a 5* rated public speaker too so I can make it engaging, interesting…possibly even fun!
  • Pub quiz – it’s a bit of a no-brainer, n’est pas? Who doesn’t love a good quiz combined with a beer/wine or three? There will be smaller events at local pubs and a Large Event with a Pirate Theme 🙂
  • Wine Tasting Evenings – I love a wine. No really. My ideal life would be sailing around the world finding outstanding wines and telling people all about them. Unfortunately, I’m no sommelier. Fortunately, I know a few peeps who are and they’re willing to help educate the rest of us. Whoop!
  • A black tie charity auction – if you’re a business who would like to donate something towards the auction and gain some new customers whilst doing your bit for charity, get in touch!
  • I may even sit in a bathtub full of beans. Maybe.

If you have another idea, I’m all ears. Please contact me

Get involved! The more the merrier. We’re a (mostly) friendly bunch.