Clipper Kos

If you read about Level 1 training, you’ll note that I mentioned the food is not exactly Michelin Star quality. The food is nutritious and roughly balanced but it’s never going to win any prizes. Hard to when you’re cooking for 21 and speed is of the essence.

Don’t get me wrong…after 4-6 hours on deck working your butt off (or freezing your butt off…or both), ANY food is welcome and will be wolfed down at pace. After 3 weeks at sea when you’ve run out of meat and (some) fresh veg, you won’t give a toss about whether it’s Tofu and Smash. You’ll eat it and you’ll love it. Om nom nom.

Also, should you wish to completely endear yourself to the rest of your crew, take sweets. Lots and lots of sweets. The sugar rush at 3am is welcome. I would heartily advise NOT to go for those “weird” jelly beans. You know…the kids ones that are marked “dog food” and “grass”. Can confirm that those are somewhat hallucinogenic when one is sleep deprived.

Anywho…herewith, Mr Mark Neilson playing Masterchef Does Clipper.

Shona Davies

Shona Davies

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