Myself and a few (loony but dedicated) friends are planning some pretty spectacular activities that we think are exciting opportunities for your business or organisation. Head on over to the Events page to see what’s already in planning.

I will discuss pretty much any sponsorship idea so contact me if you have an idea you’d like to discuss!


How can I help you?Sponsorship Contact Me

Before you get in touch, please have a read through what I can offer (official Clipper rules and MIND fundraising guidelines).

  • Your company logo displayed on my personal kit as well as on this blog and my social media presences
  • Use of the Clipper 17/18 Crew Sponsor logo
  • Regular updates to you and your organisation on my training, during the race and the aftermath
  • Publicity on my travels via my own media channels and other media outlets I’ll be working with (e.g. the Herts Advertiser (40 000k regular readers).
    • I’ll be stopping off in Australia, Vietnam and China…and South Africa with your help!…and I’ll be looking to partner with media outlets at the stopover points too.
  • Guided tours on board one of the Clipper yachts (to be approved by the skipper on a case-by-case basis)
  • Use of Clipper-approved multimedia and my own recordings/text of the race and life onboard
  • Presentations to your organisation incorporating the lessons that I have learnt on my own personal journey through depression and participation in the Clipper adventure. Topics could include
    • Mental Health in the Workplace
    • Teamwork: the importance of people skills, communication and inspiring others
    • Stress and conflict management in high-pressure situations
  • Opportunities as Boat Sponsor, Host Port Sponsor or more extensive sponsorship opportunities which come with a boatload (cough) of additional benefits like corporate hospitality, PR and branding, etc. Happy to help you to liaise with Clipper Ventures to make that happen.
  • Participation in Corporate Sailing Days with Clipper Ventures – Gosport, Portsmouth, UK. Bring your top employees, clients, families and friends! Get a taste of the Clipper experience (at the discretion of Clipper Ventures).
Where does the money go?

I have already put £20 000 towards my costs and am hoping to raise £20 000 additional funding. This is what are you buying

  • 50% of sponsorship will be allocated directly to MIND** – the mental health charity. They helped me to get the support I needed during my darkest times and I want to make sure others are able to benefit.
  • 50% of donations will be allocated to my expenses on the legs that I’m already taking part in.
    • Mortgage, bills and home insurance – making sure that I have somewhere to come back to!
    • Accommodation and sustenance in my destination ports during training and the race
    • Transport to and from the boats, visas, medical checks and vaccines.
    • Kit and clothing required
    • The awareness campaign and fundraising for MIND

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to get in touch with me.

**Unfortunately, MIND is not able to accept donations from pharmaceutical companies though there is no prohibition for individuals working at pharmaceutical companies to donate.