Sponsorship is daunting…

So I’ve decided to try and raise a minimum of £20 000. The current idea is that 50% of the proceeds will go to allow me to add another leg to my voyage and 50% will go to MIND – the mental health charity. I think you’ll agree that that’s a shedload of money and I’m finding it very difficult to believe that I’m capable of raising that much! I think my biggest concern is time. I have loads of ideas and, given 2 years, could probably make them work! But I have only 1 year…not even that. Gulp.

If you have a look at the sponsorship page, you won’t see much yet because I’m still in planning phase. I’m strategising with some fab friends who’ve volunteered to help me figure out how to do this right. Fingers crossed we’ll have something up there soon.

In the meantime, if you lovely people have ANY ideas on how to do this that doesn’t involve me selling my body, I’m all ears.

Thanks for reading! Mwah xx

How I can help...

Tousled food truck polaroid, salvia bespoke small batch Pinterest Marfa. Fingerstache authentic craft beer, food truck Banksy.


Consultancy and training to implement and integrate digital health products and services within the UK.


Making a tangible and positive difference to people’s lives by speaking, consultancy, and training in mental health.


A published author capable of copywriting and editing for magazines, newspapers, white papers, novels and more!

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