I love the ebb and flow of a story - whether it be fact or fiction - and I enjoy putting that story together. I'm a published author in both a professional and personal capacity, having written for trade publications, magazines, corporate institutions and charities. There's even a novel or three knocking about in my brain. If you have a story to tell and need someone to help you tell it, I can help. 

How I can help...

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Online Publications

Whether it be social media, blogs, articles or web-copy, I can help. I have extensive experience working with online media to create, curate and publish - from strategy to copywriting and editing. I also have a great network of publishers who can help us get your story out there into the world.

Corporate Documentation

I have written business cases, newsletters, press releases, communication and marketing plans, white papers, tenders, pitches, proposals and requests for information (RFIs), not to mention more emails than I could possibly count (who hasn't!). I can help you tell your business story in a meaningful and impactful way. 

Latest writing news and views

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