Over the last two decades I’ve worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes in the digital health space.

Pharmaceuticals, Publishers, Societies and Agencies trust me to translate their growth strategies and drive delivery via diverse, virtual and cross-functional teams - locally, regionally, and internationally. I also ensure great governance on the implementation of new business policies, processes and methodologies that enable my clients to scale and grow in line with customer demand.

Service List:

  • Strategy: With deep experience and a healthy network within the healthcare and mental health spaces, I can help you to develop strategies that will set you apart in a crowded marketplace and ensure that your organisation is aligned towards a common vision. 
  • Operational execution: Having a great idea is one thing. Being able to efficiently and effectively deliver your vision is something else. Whether you need new business functions or procedures or you want to optimise what you’ve got, I can help.
  • Change Management: From Mergers and Acquisitions to simply moving office, change can be hard. I can help you get it right and maintain a happy workforce throughout.
  • Governance: Whether you need to set up an organisation to drive a programme of work, develop policies or procedures, or troubleshoot an issue, I can help. GDPR, Privacy, Procurement, Industry Codes of Practice, Diversity, Safeguarding and more...

I'm based in North London but travel well and am always happy to chat about whether I can help over a cup of tea. If I don't think I'm right for you (or vice versa) I will tell you. And I’ll try to help you find someone who is.

Service Verticals

Have any of the topics above touched a nerve for you? Or do you simply need someone to bounce ideas around with? Here you can see the industries in which I specialise:

Digital Health

Combining technology and digital services offers us opportunities to change the way we interact with each other for the better. Health apps and technology-enabled patient care systems offer patients and clinicians much more freedom in how, where and when to access care. My digital health consultancy looks to implement and integrate digital health products and service offerings throughout the UK.

Mental Health

I campaign, consult and coach both individuals and organisations to ensure everyone who needs support, gets it. Working with Mind in Mid Herts, national Mind and the national Centre for Mental Health, not to mention individuals and organisations who want to make a tangible and positive difference to people’s lives.


Though my focus is primarily in digital health and mental health, I earned my consulting stripes with Accenture where I worked across Mining, Utilities, and Government. I also have experience working in consumer retail. Which is to say that whatever your business problem, if I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.

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