The Route

The route I will be taking! Now, If I had all the money in the world, I would do the entire circumnavigation. 11 months of pitting the worst that mother nature can throw at me in a resource-poor environment. Who wouldn’t?!? 🙂 Instead, I have opted for what I can afford. Ish.

***UPDATE 02 DECEMBER 2016****

My darling father – being the superstar that he is – has thrown enough cash at this that I’m able to now do Leg 3 as well! Big up The Parental Paternal. Love love love love love and gratitude xx


picture1I have been lucky enough to gain additional funding from outside sources (not connected to the charity campaign) to be able to complete the leg that goes from Cape Town to Western Australia. Which means I get to have my 40th birthday at home amongst family and friends before setting off on the adventure of my life! On one of the most extreme and exhilarating oceans on planet earth. Lucky lucky me. Amusingly, will be in the Roaring 40s in my 40th year. Serendipity is a marvellous thing 🙂


LEG 4 ROUTE: Western Australia to Eastern Australia (5000mi / 8000km – 3 races)

Leg 4

I’ve picked this leg because Albany is the place where I fist learnt to sail and because Australia was the first place that I started to discover myself. I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends, and mentors from Rotary and showing them who they’ve helped me to become as a person. Also, I get to have a go on the Southern Ocean…bucking broncos got nuffink on that!


Leg 5 ROUTE: Australia to Northern China via Vietnam (7000mi / 11000km – 2 races)

Leg 5

This leg is important to me because I’ve travelled a lot in my life but not here. I’ve been to the Middle East, America, Europe, Southern Africa (and actually lived in a lot of these places…not just 2 week holidays) but I’ve never been to “Asia”.

I’m a proponent of understanding and learning about new cultures in order to put perspective on your own life. This is a part of the world that seems so completely alien to anything I’ve experienced to date and thus represents a blinding challenge. Before the Clipper opportunity came up, I had been planning a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and China. Now I have an opportunity to experience a part of that adventure in a way that not many people do. Also, I understand that you get to experience some of the widest range of weather and sea conditions of any other leg in the race and…I do like variety 🙂

What would I add?

To be honest…nothing. I think this makes the perfect race for me. Starting from the place of my birth, travelling to the country that helped me to find myself and then heading to a part of the world I’ve wanted to visit since I was a little girl. I cannot ask for more than that. Any funding that we get over the amount that allows me to do this is going to go 100% to MIND. With a heart full of gratitude and love.

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