Saying Yes

Saying Yes

There are some times when you read something or hear something and it resonates with you. This is one of those things.

Once, I too was a Titan and my Hum was audible not only to myself but those who worked with me. I knew the love of friends and family but it was outside myself, not OF myself. My hum was of a single tone. Only through losing my hum have I found the symphony.

Anyone who sails will tell you there is something ethereal about the low moan of the mast stays in the wind; the methodical thudding of the sea lapping at the hull; the high flick of a sail badly trimmed; the low murmer of people below or above; the cry of a gull.

This is more than 15 minute play for me. It is the melody that feeds a new hum.

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Consultancy and training to implement and integrate digital health products and services within the UK.


Making a tangible and positive difference to people’s lives by speaking, consultancy, and training in mental health.


A published author capable of copywriting and editing for magazines, newspapers, white papers, novels and more!

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