The Kit List

Stuff what I need

Before we get into the list of stuff what is outstanding, I have something to say.

The primary purpose of this list is for me to remember what I need and/or to ask you lot for advice on where to go to get it. That said, I am also open to you lovely people finding it in your hearts to sponsor me with kit rather than cash if that is what you’d prefer. Hint hint.

A request though: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND WONDERFUL IN THIS WORLD. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GET ME ANYTHING PINK. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful…it’s just that pink makes me retch and I’m going to have enough to contend with on the high seas without an extra source of sea-sickness. Contact me privately for the gender-specific socio-political rant that goes along with this 😉

If you’re a business that would like me to road-test and review your kit, happy to. You can see previous reviews on the Equipment page. Not all of that has been donated but…well…you get the point.


The List

So. I have an Amazon wishlist! Of course. That said, I don’t have to get it from Amazon. If it can be found cheaper elsewhere or you have a better alternative, please give me the head’s up.

Below is an additional list of links to things that cannot be bought on Amazon (True! They don’t carry everything!)

  • Runderwear: I’m hearing good things about this company and frankly, good pants are going to be a godsend on this boat. Seeing as the New Balance running pants are no longer in production – *sob* – this is summat I’d like to try out. Size 14 ass and 34D top, darlings.
  • Some very yummy Musto fleeces: mid layers are my nemises. I always get so damned hot then cold then hot then cold. That said, I’m fairly certain I’ll need something toasty warm around the North China seas in February 2018. Size medium.
  • Deck Shoes: These are no longer necessary. I got a FAB pair of Quayside dockers.
  • Sealskinz socks: Not only do I hope to have warm feet…but dry feet. These bad boyz come highly recommended and I definitely need them. 2 thin, 2 mid, 2 thick.
  • An arctic mid-layer for my drysuit – for use on the Southern Ocean and North China seas. Brrr…

If you would be so kind as to sponsor an article of clothing or kit that I might need, I will be forever grateful. I’ll blog you from the rooftops and you’ll be added to the newsletter list (unless you say no) to be kept up with what Team SD is doing in prep for this massive adventure!

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