Kit Review – Dry Bag

The Kastking 10l Dry Bag

I was lucky. I bought this totally “off the cuff” because it had some good reviews and was in budget for what I had left funds-wise. It was built for fishing activities, apparently, but did mention that it was useful for “boating.” I did wonder, though, if it was going to be a bit flimsy because it was not designed for ocean traverse…oh no, not one bit.

Not only does it have a really lovely weighty feel to it (without being heavy), you can see its quality. Proper watertight seals around all of the joins…heavy stitching around all bindings with thick nylon straps, thick waterproof material and a handy shoulder strap which could be removed. With one or two rolls over the opening and clipping together gave a proper water – and air! – tight closure. Good times. On top of that, the clear plastic “window” on the front of the bag was an absolute godsend for rummaging around in the bottom of the bag to find your gloves/keyfob/dry pants in the pitch dark with only a red-light head torch to guide you. They come in 4 colours (for the fashion conscious among you – blue, yellow, black and white) and 3 sizes (10, 20 and 30l).

Top tip: Putting dry PJs in there and hanging near the ladder from the deck after your watch.

The ONLY thing I could complain about (and this is really being picky) is that the clip for the shoulder strap seems a bit flimsy. I reckon metal bindings would probably work a better if you’re battering it around on the open seas for a few months but I stand to be corrected. Comments below 🙂

The Amazon description say that you could also use this as a **supplementary** PFD and/or as a pillow. I didn’t get to trial those functions on my L1 training but the pillow idea has to be better than the rubbish pillow that I did buy. May try that at L2 in October.

I want a hundred of these. To keep stuff dry, to keep wet stuff away from the dry stuff…to cart my electronics about. Practical, durable, cheap (£13 on Amazon) and one of the most useful bits of kit I bought for level 1 training.

Nice one, fishing folks.

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