Kit Review – Self Inflating Pillow

YOUR Pillow! by SHO

The blurb on the Amazon site for this says the following (I have edited for brevity):

  • SLEEP LIKE YOU’RE AT HOME – Banish groggy mornings from your life with this incredibly comfortable inflatable pillow. 
  • STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD – We all like to be unique; this beautifully colourful bedtime companion certainly makes a statement. 
  • TRAVEL LIGHT – The perfect camping pillow is the perfect size, 30×50 CM. Big enough to ensure a fantastic sleep yet small enough to roll up and fit in the small string bag provided (13x15x8 CM).
  • PREMIUM BY DESIGN – A pillow which self-inflates to its optimal comfort level (approximately 50% inflation) and can be inflated further by simply blowing into the valve.
  • PURCHASE WITHOUT WORRY – Each pillow is accompanied by a Money Back Guarantee. 

The best part of buying this pillow was the fact that they have a “no-quibble” refund policy.

I do like a firm pillow and have a lovely M&S memory foam pillow on my bed at home. I was hoping that this would (through judicious inflation/deflation) allow me to adjust the pillow to a perfect fit. No chance I’m afraid. Honestly, a brick would have been better at self inflating and being comfortable. Also, the plastic squeak as you turn over wasn’t really dampened by the pillowcase that I had put around it. Making me less than popular with my bunk mates (earplugs for everyone!).

At least I have a use for the bag and the elastic strap that came with it. Sock storage and spare hairband *rolls eyes*

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